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  Stradivari "Kruse" Drawing    

Stradivari "Kruse"

These beautiful violins are handmade in the pattern of the famous “Kruse” violin made by Antonio Stradivari in 1689. We use only the finest tonewoods which we select by hand after it has allowed to be dried for at least 10 years. The combination of outstanding material and highest level of craftsmanship creates an instrument, that is designed to meet the player’s highest demands and expectations. A wide variety of unique wood characters and varnish styles make every instrument a unique piece of art. Usually the finish appearance is more or less “old imitated”, depending on the creativity of the luthier or to our customer’s taste. We are open for your suggestions!

The fittings are selected to match the appearance of any individual instrument.

Stradivari "Kruse" Label  
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